• Competition Policies

    Registration guidelines

    • Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Please complete the registration process before the deadline (Jan. 31, 2022). No competitor registrations will be accepted after the deadline.
    • Competitors may register as individuals or under a studio. Competitors are not officially eligible to participate in the competition until payment for all competition fees are received.
    • If there are any changes in circumstance (number of competitors, performance details, etc.) after registering, please contact Shiny Dancers as soon as possible.
    • Shiny Dancers and judges, at their own discretion, reserve the right to refuse individuals or studios to participate in the competition.
    • The decisions made by Shiny Dancers and judges will be final.
    • Registration fees will not be refunded, unless the following 3 circumstances apply:
    1. The competitor is unable to attend the competition due to medical reasons and has a doctor’s note.
    2. The competition is affected by government mandated gathering restrictions due to worsening COVID-19 conditions.
    3. Shiny dancers, for various reasons, refuses to allow an individual or studio to participate in the competition.
    • Shiny Dancers will not provide refunds for the following situations: extreme weather conditions, bomb threats, terrorist events, or any other external circumstances.
    • Shiny Dancers will make every effort to resolve any unpredictable issues that arise.

    Performance piece requirements

    • Performance format: group, solos, duo/trio dance.
    • Performance time limit: 

    The time limit will be strictly enforced. The performance time begins when competitors step on the stage and ends when they exit the stage. If the performance exceeds the time limit, 5 points will be taken off the final average score.

    1. Rising star group dances: 4 minutes maximum.
    2. Elite group dances: 5 minutes maximum.
    3. Elite solo, duet, or trio dances: 3 minutes maximum.
    • Technique requirements:
    1. Chinese dance performances: Must include Chinese dance movements and techniques. High difficulty techniques are permitted.
    2. Ballet performances: Must include classical ballet movements and techniques. Acrobatics are NOT permitted.
    3. Hip-hop performances: Must include street hip-hop style and techniques. Jazz techniques are NOT permitted.
    • Competitors will usually only perform once. If the performance is interrupted due to technical reasons, the competitors will be allowed to restart. If the performance is interrupted for other reasons, the competitors will be allowed to restart if the judges permit, but 5 points will be deducted from the final average score. Judges have the right to refuse requests to restart/redo the performance. 

    Scoring criteria and format

    • Scoring criteria:
    1. Formation uniformity, formation changes, and stage management.
    2. Synchronization and cooperation between group members.
    3. Competitor facial expression and energy.
    4. Degree of completeness for dance movements, technique difficulty, rhythm, duration, etc.
    5. Whether the performance piece is an original.
    6. Whether the performance piece adheres to competition requirements.
    • Scoring format: All performance pieces will be scored by the judges, up to a maximum of 100 points for each judge. The average of the judges scores will be the final score.
    • The judges’ comments and scores will be emailed to the competitor groups or group instructor after the competition.

    Competition site requirements

    • Out of safety concerns, use of baby powder and other adjuvants will not be permitted backstage. If Shiny Dancers employees witness the use of these products, the competitors will be required to clean the stage.
    • If competitors have special props or backdrops that need to be set up, the group instructor and competitor parents will be responsible for quickly setting up the stage for the performance.
    • If there are technique requirements, competitors are allowed to use rosin with the permission of the hosting theatre. 
    • Audience members are not permitted to take photos or videos of the competition in the theatre. Shiny Dancers kindly asks for your cooperation. If you would like to purchase professional photos or videos from the competition, please contact the staff in the lobby.
    • Please look after your personal belongings. Shine Dancers is not responsible for any lost items.